Fortador – A Steam Car Wash Producer looking for Business Partners

Fortador – A Steam Car Wash Producer looking for Business Partners

Fortador is a steam car wash producer offering free worldwide delivery and an ongoing cooperation with sales officers and dealers around the globe. Either you are considering upgrading your already existent car wash business to steam car wash, or you are looking for a way to start a new business, you are in the right place.

Fortador gives you a wide range of options. You can acquire a mobile steam cleaner which allows you to be flexible and strengthen your network of customers pampering them with delivering the highest quality of the service, just at their doorstep. Our mobile steam cleaners are easy to transport in the car, and the innovative technology and design make them intuitive and one of the lightest on the market.

Independent self-service machine FORTADOR SELF WASH

Independent self-service machine

If you are looking for increasing your passive income, we have an idea for this, too. Have a look at our Self Wash. You can get a permission to install it at the nearby gas station. We will help you in the process, and then, all you have to do is enjoy the income. Our devices are essentially fool proof so there is hardly any costs involved in the conservation of our devices. Self Wash also provides a good customer experience.

The customer who decides to use it will be able to wash and disinfect both the upholstery and the casing of the whole car, RV or a truck. There is a lector who guides the operator through the whole process. Thanks to the 17-inch display and ongoing video guideline the end user will find the whole procedure very intuitive.

If you already have a car wash and you are thinking about switching to steam, there is an array of reasons why you should truly and thoroughly think it through. Let us provide you with some of them. Firstly, it is an investment, but it is one which is going to pay itself back quicker than you think. How, would you ask? Well, by multiple savings you do with every washing.

Firstly, as we already mentioned, thanks to the highest standards of technological production Fortador strives for, the maintenance of the device is practically needless. Secondly, using high-pressure, high-temperature steam makes the usage of detergents fully optional. If you want, you can apply to different ones at the time, if you don’t, the money stay in your pocket. You also drastically limit the amount of water you use and you don’t need sewage system thanks to this.

On the top of all this, most of our devices can be used by two operators at the same time, which means you can work either half as long, or serve twice as much customers. If this sounds like enough reasons to consider Fortador, make sure you pop in to our website and have a look at our offer.

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