Apple could also be in talks to acquire Lit Motors

Apple could also be in talks to acquire Lit Motors

Apple is reported to be in speak with obtain McLaren, however thats not all. While the New York Times was digging on the McLaren story, they likewise learnt that Apple is likewise talking with Lit Motors for a prospective acquisition.

Now you might be believing Lit who? While Lit Motors is no place as huge as McLaren, its another intriguing business in the automobile area.

The business took part in the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt SF back in 2012. At the time, the group had an outstanding on-stage demonstration, enabling them to end up at the 2nd location.

The San Francisco-based start-up is establishing a brand-new type of electrical lorry. Its a sort of electrical bike with a couple of techniques up its sleeve. In specific, you cant suggestion it over since it utilizes gyros to support itself.

Sure, gyros have actually ended up being rather typical with the so-called hoverboards. Its still outstanding to kick and attempt over a huge car like this one and see that it does not move an inch.


According to CrunchBase , the business has actually just raised $2.2 million in overall. Its uncertain if the business still has cash today to make it through as an independent entity or if it has actually been trying to find an acquirer.

Apple has actually been dealing with a vehicle job for a couple of years now. While its still a deceptive task, there are a lot of reports walking around. In specific, the business is combating with lots of other vehicle and tech business for skill.

Acquiring Lit Motors might be a terrific method to have a couple of gifted engineers sign up with the automobile task. If we hear back, Weve reached out to Lit Motors and will upgrade this post. In the meantime, please delight in Lit Motors 2012 pitch:


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